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Intro & Style

Client Intro & Walkthrough

We love the moment we meet our clients.  This initial consultation includes a walk-through of the project, snapping some photos, and a discussion of your vision and dreams. 


After the intro, we put together a customized proposal of our design fees. We also work with our clients to construct a project schedule, and a high level plan to bring the vision to fruition. 

Style Concept & Vision

Around the same time as the proposal phase, we ask our clients to submit photos - anything from Pinterest images to magazine clippings - so that we know what style really speaks to you. We synthesize and respond by putting together our own style boards that elevate your vision. 

Construction & Design

3D Renderings

This is the beginning of the implementation process! We produce 3D drawings for all applicable areas; cabinetry drawings, skylight placement, custom millwork drawings, custom furniture, detailed drawings for kitchen and bathrooms; storage layouts for cabinetry / Electrical & Plumbing (we identify placement of all plumbing and accent lighting); collaboration and review with contractor, client, and architect

Sourcing and Selection

Sourcing & selection of all materials – tile, stone, millwork, flooring, fixtures, lighting, windows, doors, cabinets; review with client. We use several resources and vendors throughout LA and greater LA to source materials, many with whom we have long term relationships.

Ongoing Meetings & Revisions

This is the management part! We meet with the client and sub contractors as needed. These meetings are used to identify everything from counter top overhang to skylight placement, to tile placement and layouts. This is also when we identify any design revisions or review new developments.


Furniture & Lighting Selection

We source all furniture and lighting and lay it out in one large cohesive package; typically everything is sourced at the same time, so that rooms translate one to the next

Review & Client Revisions

We meet with the client to review finishes (fabric, wood samples, etc) and identify any revisions that are necessary

Order & Installation 

This is where the magic happens. We take all the theory and concept and bring it to life. We traditionally enjoy surprising our clients to see their reactions. I know its tempting to peek early but trust us its worth the wait. 

Design Process

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