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Donna Whelan

Principal| Founder

Donna's expertise in design comes from her humanistic approach. She is a people person who thrives on her interactions with clients and the craftsmen with whom she collaborates. Working in the interior design industry for over twenty five years has equipped her with a deep understanding of the diverse lifestyles of her clients. Her design is aesthetically purposeful and simultaneously practical and efficient - her approach is to listen, observe, and be thoughtful about her design process. Design can't be done by merely decorating - it takes time, careful analysis, and reflection to understand how to do it well. 

She considers herself lucky to be so well matched in career and in spirit, so it's no surprise that design spills over into her personal life. When she isn't working, Donna nurtures her painting hobby, hosts magazine-worthy dinner parties, and spends quality time with her family and her two dogs. 

Caitlin Whelan

Designer | Co-Founder

Caitlin's design work is heavily influenced by the concept of storytelling through art. She strives to approach design with a forward-thinking and original mindset - to, in essence, start from scratch with every new project. Her design is powered not by a formulaic approach, but instead by the opportunity to create new narratives. Her aim is to create design that is artful and dynamic - and to do this, she values some degree of risk-taking.

In 2015, Caitlin moved to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. The beautiful chaos of city life enriches her design work, and she is constantly searching for inspiration around her. Outside of work, she spends time in her garden, takes french classes, explores the city with her family, friends, and her dog Rufus. She is also an avid collector of vintage art and sculpture.

About Us

Our Design Dogma

Human Focused

The first step in our design process is centered around understanding our client and how they live in their space – and then we design around that. We believe the functionality should be parallel to the lifestyle and the beauty follows thereafter. It’s the old trope of “form follows function,” and it’s deeply embedded in our work.


Because we live in a community that is rich in art and culture, we draw from these resources in our design work. We regard our community as vital to our work, and we actively interact with its local network of artists and artisans. In our experience, much of the personality of each project is influenced by the characteristics of the local community, and we recognize the importance of supporting that interconnectedness. 

Innovation & Originality

We reject the notion that our design must fit in a box. Every project is a new endeavor, completely distinct from the last. Every client, project, and design problem is different and therefore requires fresh creative insight. We focus on what makes our clients and their spaces rare or particular - and that's what we use to bring the design to life. 


One of the most rewarding parts of interior design is interacting with people. It is essential and enjoyable - we love meeting new people, getting to know our current clients, continuing relationships with past clients, and collaborating with other talented professionals.

Pro Health & Environment

It is important to us that the environments we create support clean and healthy living. Our world is full of synthetic materials, but we believe there are other options. We guide our clients toward sustainable and environmentally respectful choices and away from chemical-laden fabrics and unhealthy materials. We recognize the responsibility of the design industry to be forward thinking when it comes to sustainability and physical well-being, so we continue to seek information in the environmental design field that helps us implement better practices.



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