When we decided it was time to renovate our 1970’s compartmentalized house in Laguna Niguel, California, we had no idea where to begin. We knew we had to completely gut 3/4 of our home. Fortunately, we discovered Whelan Design House. The mother-daughter team walked us through the entire process from pre-construction to the final stages. In the beginning, we needed an architect - which the WDH team assisted us with. We also obtained a contractor to begin the demo of our very cramped abode. Donna and Caitlin met with us and the contractor on a regular basis, so we were on the same page throughout this project. They also worked diligently with our architect to ensure that all the details were in the right place. As a matter of fact, there was a slight hiccup during the framing process (which Donna and Caitlin picked up on), and thankfully they were able to remedy the problem in the nick of time.

Since we recently became empty nesters, we were ready to make a major change in our home. We wanted space, an open concept, natural lighting, and less clutter. We wanted something luxurious but casual. I am an avid cooker and baker, so I envisioned an updated farmhouse-style home where the center of the home is in the kitchen – a place where people can socialize, eat together, and relax.

Donna and Caitlin were able to pull out of us our ‘new style,’ and they listened to our vision while also pushing us into some new territory. Thinking out of the box was a little nerve-racking for us (we’re 60+), but we thankfully managed to get through it. What Donna and Caitlin helped us achieve in the end was a mature yet hip style that was still a direct reflection of how we live day-to-day. From the unique indoor and outdoor lighting they found, to the uniquely placed Moroccan mosaic tile, our gorgeous farmhouse flooring that Donna and Caitlin sourced for us, expert paint specifications, beautiful furniture that was exactly what we wanted, fixtures, appliances, art, plants…and lastly, they remembered to personalize our home with objects that were relevant to our hobbies - music and birding became special elements in our new home.

We are grateful to Donna and Caitlin for a home we will enjoy forever and would like to hire them for our next project... turning our bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary. Bye TV!